Welcome to Tru Access, your Direct Alternative Healthcare. A membership-based approach to alternative medicine that works to help fix a broken system, to reduce chronic illness while bringing physicians & their patients closer together. 


As a Tru Access member, you will have access to Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine services, Functional Medicine services, along with dietary, nutrition, & lifestyle coaching. You'll also receive members-only pricing on supplemental & herbal prescriptions, & members only discounts on other services, workshops, & in the boutique. 

Membership spaces are limited!

Overview of the member services provided


  • Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, & Functional Medicine Services

  • Dietary, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Priority Waitlist

  • 15% discount on Events

  • 10% discount on Herbs & Supplements

  • 10% discount in our Boutique

  • 10% discount on Class Drop-In rate

  • 10% discount on Class Passes

  • 10% discount on Private Yoga

  • 10% discount on other Services

  • 5% discount on  Service Passes

Cost Breakdown


  • There is an initial fee of $100 to get setup

  • There are 2 buy in options: $120 a month or $1240 a year (received 2 months free)

  • You can cancel at anytime with a 30 day notice prior to renewal

  • There are restrictions when canceling the yearly membership as it is a prorated amount

  • You can sign back up at anytime without having to pay an initial fee again

For all rules, regulations, & frequently asked questions, click here

Registration Options

Brand New

  • Click Here to get started with initial fee & our monthly option for $220

  • Click Here to get started with initial fee & our yearly option for $1240 (receive 2 months free)


  • Click Here to reactivate at the Monthly option $120

  • Click Here to reactivate at the Yearly option $1240 (receive 2 months free)