In-Studio Classes Starting June 1st

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


In-Studio & Virtual Classes

“The recent upheaval in the world may not match what we had planned, but if we can detach from what we were expecting and get realigned with what we are genuinely committed to, we can navigate this new landscape with grace.” 


Dearest #thrivetribe!

As things are ever changing, we are excited to announce the newest one at Thrive Fruita Yoga.....Starting June 1st we will begin a limited number of classes IN-STUDIO. But we are not done, we know there are many of you that would still prefer Virtual classes so we wanted to offer you BOTH! We are so excited that we can barely contain it.


How this Works In MINDBODY


Registration & Pricing: You will continue to register for classes through MINDBODY. As far as pricing, all regular drop-in rates, memberships, & punch passes can be used for both Virtual or In-Studio class, however Virtual drop-in passes can ONLY be used for Virtual classes.

Virtual Classes: will have the word VIRTUAL in front of its name and if it doesn’t, it is an In-Studio class. Upon registering, you will receive an email confirming your spot that will include the ZOOM LINK you will need. Class registration ends 45 minutes before class start time. We recommend logging in early to deal with any technical issues that may arise. If  you experinece any issues, please email me at ASAP so I can help you. Virtual classes may be canceled at any time without a penalty. 

In-Studio Classes: will not have the word virtual in front of it. There is a class limit of 6 students along with a new waiting list feature. Upon registering, you will receive an email confirming your spot. The email will contain new protocols & policies as a friendly reminder. Class registration ends 45 minutes before class start time. If you need to cancel please do so 30 minutes prior to class to avoid being charged, see below for new cancelation policy. Also if this is your first time at our new hOMe...this building is temperature controlled and it has a tendency to be cool, so please dress in layers so that you are comfortable.




Virtual Only: Rachel, Sarah, and Denise

In-Studio & Virtual: Summer, Melanie, Amanda, Jamie, Brittany, and Erika

  • In Mindbody, it will appear these instructors are teaching 2 classes at the same time, but they're not. One class is In-Studio and the other is Virtual for the exact same class.

  • Make sure to sign up for the correct one.


New Policies & Protocols

As we reopen our doors, Mesa County Public Health requires new Protocols, which has Thrive Fruita implementing some new Policies. Read more about these Below! 

Also, as Mesa County moves into its next phases, we will make changes accordingly & we want you to know about them, please read on! To receive all new updates quickly, please "like" our page on Facebook and "follow us" on Instagram. Please stay in touch, we are available at 970-208-4856 or at for any additional questions.  

~Erika & Thrive Yoga Staff~


Required Protocols By Mesa County Public Health (MCPH)


Registration: At this time ALL classes need to continue to be registered & paid for online through MINDBODY. There will be NO DROP-INS allowed. 

Social Distancing: Social distancing of 6ft will be adhered to. The floor is marked with tape for the maximum amount of yoga mats.

Temperature: Temperatures may be taken prior to entering the studio to ensure no one entering has a fever.

One Way Entrance & Exit: The main door into the studio will be the suite 102 door on Mesa Ave and the exit will be through the lobby door. Both doors are labeled with the appropriate signs. 

Other Signage: MCPH requires that if you feel ill or have any other signs or symptoms that you stay at home. Please wash your hands often and it is smart to have your own hand sanitizer at all times.

Masks:All staff are required to wear a mask, however the general public does not have to. 

Water: At this time we are not able to offer water, so please come prepared

No Studio Props: Unfortunately at this time there will be no use of Thrive Studio props. Classes will be simplified versions of a normal studio class-which means we will use fewer props. Props help us in many ways; the two primary reasons for props are to; help you get deeper into a pose and KEEPING YOU SAFE!! Please be sure to bring any props you would like to use. The most common props used are blocks, strap, bolster and blankets. If you need to purchase props, please contact us at We can order new props or we are selling gently used props at a discount. 

General Housekeeping: MCPH requires a detailed log of students in the studio. Please update all contact information in MINDBODY.


New Thrive Yoga Fruita Policies


Class Limit & Waitlist: To adhere to social distancing, In-studio classes now have a class limit of 6 students. Once the class is full, you will be given the option to be added to a waitlist. When a spot becomes available, you will receive an email notifying you that you have been added to the class automatically.

NEW 30 Min Cancelation Policy for In-Studio Classes: We understand that things happen, but as a result of our small class sizes we are having to implement a 30 minute late cancelation policy. Cancelations that occur at 30 minutes or less will be considered a LATE CANCELATION and your account will be charged as if you attended as it prevents others from taking that spot. A NO show will also result in your account being charged as if you attended. 

General Housekeeping: Along with updating all contact information, emails will begin being sent out regarding any missing or incorrect information in your client files, so keep a lookout for emails regarding this.


Summer Schedule

In-Studio & Virtual


Please visit our website to see the current offering of In-Studio & Virtual Classes.


What is the BEST way to help the studio?

Many of you are asking how you can best support the studio. We have found the three best ways to support the studio are to:

1. Sign up for classes!

2. Purchase yoga props!We are still able to sell Manduka and Hugger Mugger props and we can have them shipped directly to your door or we can arrange for you to pick them up at the studio. Please have a look at their website and send us your orders

3.Make a donation at

Please continue to let us know how we can support YOU amidst the COVID-19 closure. 


“Human beings cannot live without challenge. We cannot live without meaning. Everything ever achieved we owe to this inexplicable urge to reach beyond our grasp, do the impossible, know the unknown. The Upanishads would say this urge is part of our evolutionary heritage, given to us for the ultimate adventure: to discover for certain who we are, what the universe is, and what is the significance of the brief drama of life and death we play out against the backdrop of eternity.”  ―  The Upanishads

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