How To Love Your Period

By Mia Tarduno

I used to dread getting my period. I was annoyed that it messed up my fitness schedules and made me tired and foggy. I couldn’t wait until it was over and was happy to feel “back to normal” at least for another 3 weeks. Since I’ve been doing trainings and readings in women’s work I have come around. I have learned that, as women, we actually go through many phases during a month and we are constantly changing! I have learned how to optimize my schedules to allow for time to do a lot of work and projects while my hormones are supporting me in feeling energized, and to rest and relax when my body is calling for it. I wanted to share a few tips that I think of each month to feel prepared and ready to have my period, and in turn, learn to honor and love these few days each month to truly rest and relax (I know it’s hard!) but hopefully these steps can help you start to honor your time of rest as well.

1. Track it Knowing when your period is due is helpful to know when your energy levels are going to dip and can help you prepare. Some ways to track your cycle are:

  • An app - I like Clue and Flo

  • In a planner - this can allow you to count days and see what patterns you find

  • In a journal - if you keep a journal it can be interesting to write the day of your cycle that you’re on at the beginning and start to see patterns in days of your cycle

  • A circular menstrual planner or template

2. Prepare for it When you know the date of your next cycle you can help yourself be more comfortable during this time by:

  • Clearing your work schedule as much as possible

  • Prepping meals ahead of time so you don’t have to cook during your period

  • Picking out a journal and books you enjoy and having them ready by your bedside

  • Coordinate time alone from friends, family, or a partner

  • Schedule your time so you can minimize activating media and screen time

  • Have some favorite foods and drinks picked out so you will feel nourished during your time of rest

3. Make it a ritual If we change our perspective from dreading the time of rest to honoring it, we can start to enjoy the time to slow down. Some ways to do this are to:

  • Decorate your bedroom with red sheets or towels

  • Light a red candle

  • Play music from women you respect

  • Read out of a women’s myths book such as Women Who Run With The Wolves

  • Drink Raspberry Leaf tea

  • Watch a feel-good movie

4. Have the right products Disposable and scented period products can have a lot of irritants in them that can make cramping and discomfort worse. Look into organic cotton products or materials that feel comfortable to you. Having reusable products is also great for traveling, helpful to your budget, and helps prevent having to go to the store each month. Some of my favorite products are:

  • Thinx reusable underwear - I even wear them as bathing suit bottoms!

  • Menstrual cups - There are many different shapes and sizes, I like Lunette

  • Reusable pads - I got mine from a small natural grocery store

5. Savor rest Pushing our bodies too quickly too fast, especially during our periods can create chaos in our bodies and moods. Take this time to honor that your body is working really hard to cleanse toxins and unwanted material. Find relaxing activities like:

Lastly, learning about our periods can be extremely helpful in finding what is normal for you. You can start by joining a women’s circle, to connect with other women, ask questions and get support. If you want to go deeper, you can also look into the free online e-immersion for women or the 5-week Cirlces, Cycles, and Ceremony Course.

Happy Resting!

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