Give The Gift This Holiday, A New Tradition

Give the 🎁 this holiday season

This post has nothing to do with physical health & wellness but everything to do with emotional health & wellness. I hope you enjoy!

Every year for 🎄 I would either get a gift 🎁 or a card with 💵 from my Dad & Step-mom. Last year we were informed, that would be the last year for us receiving gifts and that we would be starting a new tradition.

The new tradition was instead of receiving a 🎁, they would donate money 💰 to whatever cause we wanted. As my family knows, the holidays have never been my favorite time of the year, but I must say this new tradition fills my ❤️ so much and my wish is that more people do something like this. I mean what a great lesson to teach the younger generation.

So on that 🎵 I thought I would share my 🎄 wish causes & I say causes because I actually had 2 that overlapped and since it’s ultimately my parents money I wanted to let them have the final say.

This is the email I sent to them:

I have 2 ideas which kind of overlap. I figured I’d give you a bit of education on them and let you decide since ultimately it is your $$.

1. Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

a. Rescuing children all over the world from sex trafficking

b. OUR has their own rehabilitation groups

c. They also release their financial statements

2. Healing Hands Foundation through doTERRA, working to empower people and communities worldwide. 100% of donations go directly to the aid. They release their financial statements every year so people can see this is true. You don’t get to specify where $$ goes, they divide it up amongst all their Partners for global impact:

1. Sex trafficking

a. OUR: rescue

b. Rapha house: aftercare/rehabilitation

c. 3 Strands Global: educate

2. Micro-loans:

3. Feminine Hygiene

5. Co-impact sourcing

They have 2 ways to donate

1. You can donate $$ or

2. buy 2 products to give as gifts and all the money to purchase these products goes to the aid.

I first found out about all of this at my first doTERRA conference last year. The face of the OUR organization spoke to us there along with people from Co-impact sourcing. I was so moved to tears that this is where I knew I wanted my X-mas donation to go. So, between these 2 that overlap, I leave the choice to you and the one that resonates more with you, as I would be happy with either.

One other option that I saw both of them do, is you can either do a one-time donation or monthly. I don’t know what the monetary amount of this donation is, nor do I need to, but you have the option of donating the whole amount or spreading it over 12 months and having already set up for next year. Unless something substantial happens, this is where my heart will stay.

There are my causes for my family’s new Christmas 🎄 tradition. It fills my ❤️ to know there will be 5 causes out there we will be donating to & maybe this will spark a new tradition somewhere else.


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