Adding Essential Oils to Your Water

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

What’s in your 💦 ⁉️ - 💧Ever thought about adding essential oils to your water⁉️ Give it a try with this list of oils most added to water and enjoy there benefits in an easy and enjoyable way. Plus you’ll want to drink more water when it tastes yummy. - 🍋 It’s best to use a good quality plastic bottle, glass or stainless steal. The reason is citrus oils have a tendency to break down plastic. - 🌱 1 to 2 drops goes a long way - MOST IMPORTANT....make sure the essential oil brand you are using is a good quality oil. If it’s safe for consumption it should say SUPPLEMENTAL FACTS on the bottle. If it doesn’t I would question what else that brand is putting in their oils‼️ - ❓What’s your favorite oil to add to your water⁉️ Mine is 🍋, grapefruit, or grapefruit with pink pepper. - #truawellness_co #truawellness_co

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