Holistic skincare


Gua Sha  10min     $15

Cupping  10min    $15

Light Therapy         $20

A Holistic Facial

60min  $100
*60min session only available with wellness memberships

Intended for all skin types, this apothecary style facial is completely customizable using small batch cold pressed organic botanicals and oils to ensure potency, repair damage, reduce acne, and minimizes signs of aging and acne scarring. This line also allows for customized retail products for your at home regiment.


facial includes: full evaluation, cleansing, surface ph/balancing, custom exfoliation and finishing masks, extractions as needed, restorative serums, massage, & moisture.

Scienced Basesd Skin Remedies

By harnessing the nourishing power of plants, these products repair & soothe, nurturing the long-term health of your body’s largest organ.     


a Holistic Focus

45 min  $75

The Holistice Facial With A Focus 

All the great benefits of the full holistic facial minus extraction, massage, & only one of the Masks. This Facial is Intended for those with limited time or those that want to focus on exfoliation or treatment during masking.


Facial includes: full evaluation,  cleansing, surface ph/balancing, custom exfoliation OR finishing masks, restorative serums, & Moisturize