medical professionals & other modalities

effective communication: Bridging the gap between western and eastern medicine

There is currently a significant communication gap between Western and Eastern medicine. It is my mission to help inform medical professionals about Acupuncture and traditional east Asian medicine from a biomedical perspective, based on case studies, journal articles, and evidence-based research. 

referrals: This works both ways

referrals are an import part of this medicine. it is my mission to work as a team with other health care professionals to ensure patients are getting the best care they need. Often patients need to be referred to other specialties, such as chiropractors, physical therapist, fertility specialists, psychiatry, sports medicine practitioners, naturopathic, etc. Since acupuncture entails virtually no risk, it works in conjunction with a patient's current treatment plan and medications. it is my mission to  combine holistic modalities with conventional, to work as a team, to ensure patients are getting the best care they need, and rest assure, my background education in Western medicine allows me to recognize conditions that require the patient to be referred out. 

terminology, case studies, journal articles, and evidence-based research