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From the sounds & smells to the decor & plants, you will be transformed as your healing begins the moment you enter Tru Wellness Colorado!

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The emotional stress & mental pressures of today's society are emerging as physical ailments that are pushing us towards a dangerous chronic disease & opioid crisis of epic proportions. People suffering from chronic conditions are the most frequent users & vast majority of spending in health care. With an estimated 157 million Americans suffering from one or more chronic diseases, they account for 81% of all hospital admissions; 91% of all prescriptions filled; and 76% of all physician visits. Chronic diseases are often preventable or could be delayed, alleviated, or even managed through simple lifestyle changes. Prescription drugs only help manage the symptoms, rather than work at the root cause. 


At Tru, we are building community, culture & lifestyle around conscious well-being to help fix a broken healthcare system. We provide integrative therapies that address mental & physical health, emotional prosperity, & energetic needs to help individuals alter how they address their health. It is important to meet people where they are at & to help them get to where they want to be so they may live life to the fullest. If we are doing our part mindfully, then eventually we will shift the perception of alternative medicine from a luxury to a necessary part of proactive & preventative healthcare. 


“The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

~ Lao Tzu

The intention at Tru Wellness Colorado is to help bring the body into balance & out of a state of “dis-ease” where the body can begin to heal itself & fight chronic diseases. Through an integrative & holistic approach to health & wellness of East Asian Medicine, functional medicine, essential oils, aesthetics, bodywork, & yoga; we can facilitate this process.


Whether you have a specific ailment that requires attention, or you simply need to reduce the stress in your life, give yourself the tools it needs & book an appointment at Tru. Together we are stronger! 

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